Aussie Girlfriends- Kim, Taryn and Linda


Base line Combined Weight-

Combined Target Weight-

Current Combined Weight-

Progress to Target Weight-

Fat %

Baseline Combined Fat %-

Combined Target Fat %-

Current Combined Fat %-

Progress to Fat Goal %-


Combined Target Muscle %-

Combined Target Fat %-

Current Combined Fat %-

Progress to Fat Goal %-

Accountability and Support Teams

One of the most powerful ways to inject rocket fuel into the success of this program, is to share your experience and progress with others. So, we’re getting into groups of three people who have a common goals- trimming down or bulking up. After all, some of us will do more for their team than for themselves.

We’re suggesting you share your baseline and weekly photos and stats just with your team members, and then use the posts in this section to list your results (keeping the most private stuff private!) . Meanwhile we are brainstorming and will come up with a plugin that will allow us to track and graph each teams progress using a score that reflects the teams progress toward the common goal- even if it is a thumbs up or thumb down for each team. ¬†Any further suggestions, solutions most welcome!!

Once you get your team together, leave a reply to this post giving your members names along with your team name and we will set up a post for you. You can then use your team post to write a comments, and update your progress, keeping them all in the same place.

Let’s rock this!!