Quick tips from the 4 Hour Body Book

Remember these words from the book?

1. Make it conscious.
2. Make it a game.
3. Make it competitive.
4. Make it small and temporary.

How are you doing these things in your 4HB journey?

Tips for Getting Started on the 4 Hour Body Diet

Before you start this journey, we really recommend you start by taking a week or so to get yourself prepared. This time will be well spent. Plan the following-

Buy the book

and start reading! You can find some great Amazon prices right here on the blog to the right of this post. The book is quite substantial so you will need to start reading early. As you will be continuously referring to the book for vital information along the way, it’s really invaluable to have both a hard copy and kindle or e book version which really makes finding things a breeze.


You will need-

a BOSU Ball which is like half a Swiss ball on a flat base,

Kettle Bells– by an adjustable kettle bell if you can, so that you can change the weight as you get comfortable with the movement and mass.

Thera bandslike a big rubber band.

Scales that measure body fat as a percentage. eg Tanita


DEXA, Bodpod MRI, CT scan… Choose which type of scan suits you, and book in early. pg 48 The 4-Hour Body


Shop around and buy your supplements. You can get good deals online, particularly by ordering the whole regime from the one site, which makes it easier and more cost effective. We have links to suppliers under the food and supplement tab of this site the formulas have the exact dose making it convenient and cheaper. PAGG supplements are a must, and this formula will save you time and money.

Athletic Greens is one of the best products many of us have even taken, Tim Ferris included! Athletic Greens provides great nutritional support, energy and helps eliminate any gut issues experienced from your change in diet. It combines alkalizing vitamins, superfoods, herbs, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and probiotics. This product is a must and represents excellent value for money! If you are in Australia or the UK, buy Vital Greens.


– Work out a menu plan to get you started. And actually start preparing and having some of these meals in this preparation week. This will help you fine tune a few things. It’s a really good idea to make a substantial quantity of a suitable meal that you can freeze and then reheat with protein and legumes such as Bolognase Sauce with beef and lentils. Then you just need to add some salad greens or steam some vegetables.

Where you can get suitable meals from your frequently visited places, like workplace, shopping centre, favourite restaurants. Keep a stock of emergency supplies in your briefcase, car or handbag for those times when you are about to be derailed, because you’re running late, or caught somewhere, like Kim this week on a plane with no legumes in sight. Prepare some lentils and carry them in a zip locked bag, or carry a can of beans etc. Carrying nuts is also a good tip to top up protein servings. If you are out and order a chicken salad for example, you can add some nuts to bring up the required protein serve. Just watch how many nuts you have. A few go a long way.


It is a great idea to get into a small group of two or three people who will coach and support each other through this process. Our group of three is in contact with each other daily, and we send each other photos of our meals for feedback. It’s also great to get inspiration on what to eat and share recipes.

So with a little preparation, the dietary requirements are really quite manageable.

The Ultimate 4 Hour Body Dessert with Lemon and Cinnamon

Wow, while making my dinner of Bolognese  sauce (without the pasta), avocado, mexican beans and low fat cottage cheese, I had a flashback to a dessert that my mum used to make- Jewish style blintzes or crepes with cottage cheese, lemon juice and cinnamon.

Cottage cheese is extremely high in protein, and I believe the only dairy option allowed in the slow carb diet. and is the only  and cinnamon has the effect of lowering blood glucose levels as well as LDL and triglyceride cholesterol levels.   So here is our legal version of the recipe, minus the crepes of course-

1 cup of low fat cottage cheese (gives you about 30g of protein) into a ramekin dish.

Gently warm the cottage cheese, not too much other wise it will separate

Add the Juice of 1/2 lemon squeezed over the cottage cheese

1/2 to 1 tspn of cinnamon

That’s it. If you want to make a smoother texture, you could blend lightly.

Be interested to here your feedback. It may just be that my taste buds are accustomed, having grown up with these flavours. Nevertheless, it is certainly a palatable way of getting the cinnamon into your meal.

The Inaugural Cold Shower and the Fast Track to Happiness!

Every shower gets better, much better- promise. Infact, after 2 days of this, now I can’t stand having a warm shower- how weird is that!! Click on the link below to experience the full sound effects!! I honestly thought it was 3 mins not 10.

Timothy Ferriss in the 4-Hour Body does say that it is great for people with depression. Try it and you will see why. Talk about a physical and emotional state change! The Inaugural Cold Shower- 4hr Body Experiences

Cold Showers and Swimming

Take a cold shower twice a day for 10 yes ten minutes, concentrating the water particularly on the back of your neck and chest. It not only gives you a refreshed feeling, your body needs to expend energy regulate your temperature and keep warm. Meanwhile you burn fat.

Swimming is also great for burning fat. Anyone ever heard about the caloric intakes of pro swimmers who are in the pool several hours a day- it’s massive.

Marc’s tips for newbies

“The first few days you’ll feel like your force-feeding yourself, and then it will all change and you’ll feel incredible. Get at least 20g of protein per meal, no matter what.”

Vegetarians (p.106 & elsewhere)

Take lots of legumes and up to 5 egg whites (with say 1 yolk only, for taste) per meal. Cottage cheese is great and facilitates weight loss. Also brown rice protein, hemp or pea protein.

Whey protein isolate is a must. Vanilla or chocolate. Have 30-60 gram of this per day if you are having trouble getting the cals. Get one with few carbs. Optimum Nitrition’s “Pure Whey” is excellent and is what I use. Easy to dissolve and taste is great.

Make sure you take the supplements as prescribed (PAGG, p.128), and have a cold shower and a couple of brazil nuts on waking and before bed.  Let me know how you feel after a couple of days. I will be very interested to hear. I’m not kidding.