Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

This 4-Hour Body Fat Loss Cheat Sheet gives you something the bookitself lacks- a much needed summary of the most important points for you to conduct your own 4-Hour Body Challenge or experiment. This sheet is specifically about fat-loss. In the coming days we will provide you with more sheets to save you time and add value to your 4HB Challenge. Whilst we all agree that it is vital to read the book for yourself, we are all going back and re-reading important sections of the book over and over again to check our facts.

The PDF sheet is a one page easy to read summary of all the important information. The sheet contains;

Daily schedule for the timing of food, supplements and exercises (mandatory and optional)

Menu information

Hyperlinks to the official videos that show the techniques for the exercises (sound technique is vital) and repetition targets

– Information about the PAGG supplements including doses and maximum recommended daily doses and precautions

Tips for success

What to avoid eating and what is not on the diet

Cheat day information

Cheat day exercises

What to do if you are hungry on this diet

Links to purchase the book

Download the PDF (Click to View PDF and ‘Save’). Print and keep a copy on your fridge and take it to the gym. It’s also great if you have a laptop or I-Pad to refer to important technical information by using our quick and handy links to workout videos.

One last word. When researching this article, I have come across many sites that are suggesting people do the GLUT-4 exercises throughout the week. These are the air squats, chest pulls, and wall press exercises. The GLUT-4 exercises are really only for Cheat Days to control the damage of calories consumed on cheat day. You may also use them if you have cheat meal/moment during the course of the week. Tim Ferriss’s aim here is to get the glucose consumed in your food on cheat day to go straight into the muscle tissue. (p106). You could use these exercises if you slipped up during the week, but if you were to perform these exercises every day before all meals and 90 minutes after meals, then you would be doing too much exercise and going against Tim’s MED (Minimal Effective Dose) theory, which is really the whole point of the book!

Anyway enjoy. This sheet has really helped me and others get clarity on exactly what to do when you first start on the 4 Hour Body Challenge. I trust it will save you lots of time too. Efficiency is everything these days.