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The Bosu ball:

Ketlle Bells:

And Thera bands:

4-hour Body. Buy Online; e-books, Audio, Hard Copy and Paperback

The Four Hour BodyYou can buy The ‘4-hour Body’ online- it is now available. Just simply click the image below and it will redirect you to Amazon for great prices and efficient delivery:

start reading immediatley with the this file for kindle, ipad, mac, or pc. I highly recommend getting both the physical copy of the book and the  e-book. The book contains a lot of information, the e-book allows you to search for specific questions and information quickly and effortlessly.

The Book

The Audio CD

The Book, Australian Edition in Paperback

Is Quinoa legal in the slow-carb diet?

Quinoa’s is mentioned quite a few times in The 4-Hour Body book, as follows…

p. 115 – used in his “quest for fatness” day

p. 151 – used on purge day

p. 212 – used as a starch in Occam’s feeding, for gaining muscle

p. 214 – used as high-calorie meal for bulking

My verdict would be to stay away for now!

The Inaugural Cold Shower and the Fast Track to Happiness!

Every shower gets better, much better- promise. Infact, after 2 days of this, now I can’t stand having a warm shower- how weird is that!! Click on the link below to experience the full sound effects!! I honestly thought it was 3 mins not 10.

Timothy Ferriss in the 4-Hour Body does say that it is great for people with depression. Try it and you will see why. Talk about a physical and emotional state change! The Inaugural Cold Shower- 4hr Body Experiences

The Colorado Experiment- Muscle Building Strategy

Colorado Experiment (p. 194)

The subject gained 63 lbs of muscle and lost 18 lbs of fat in 28 days.


  1. One set of each
  2. Frequent eccentric sets
  3. Supersets to prefatigue (eg. leg extension) then failure (eg. Squats)
  4. Train 3 x per week
  5. No rest between except where indicated
  6. Eat 6-8 times per day


  1. Leg Press x 20
  2. Leg extension x 20
  3. Squat x 13
  4. Leg curl x 12
  5. Weighted one-leg calf raise (40 lbs) x 15 then 2 min rest
  6. Pullover x 11
  7. Behind-neck lat isolation x 10
  8. Row machine x 10
  9. Behind-neck lat pull-downs x 10 then 2 min rest

10.  Dumbbell lateral raise x 9

11.  Shoulder press x 10

12.  Biceps curl x 8

13.  Chin-ups x 12

14.  Triceps extension x 9

15.  Parallel dip x 22

The Slow-Carb Diet Simplified

The Slow-Carb Diet

How to Lose 20lbs in 30 Days Without Exercise (p.88)

Rule #1: Avoid white carbohydrates

Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again

Construct a meal with one pick from each of 3 groups:

  1. Proteins – egg whites, chicken breast or thigh, beef, fish, pork
  2. Legumes – lentils, black beans, pinto beans, red beans, soybeans
  3. Vegetables – spinach, cruciferous vegetables, sauerkraut, kimchee, asparagus, peas, green beans, broccoli

Rule #3: No milk, soy, soft drinks or fruit juice ( up to 2 glasses red wine daily OK)

Rule # 4: No fruit except tomatoes and avocadoes

Rule #5: Take one day off per week – DGW Day!


Have your first meal within an hour of waking and space them approx. 4 hours apart

Have no less than 20g protein per meal

Drink plenty of water

No more than 2 gym sessions per week

Marc’s tips for newbies

“The first few days you’ll feel like your force-feeding yourself, and then it will all change and you’ll feel incredible. Get at least 20g of protein per meal, no matter what.”

Vegetarians (p.106 & elsewhere)

Take lots of legumes and up to 5 egg whites (with say 1 yolk only, for taste) per meal. Cottage cheese is great and facilitates weight loss. Also brown rice protein, hemp or pea protein.

Whey protein isolate is a must. Vanilla or chocolate. Have 30-60 gram of this per day if you are having trouble getting the cals. Get one with few carbs. Optimum Nitrition’s “Pure Whey” is excellent and is what I use. Easy to dissolve and taste is great.

Make sure you take the supplements as prescribed (PAGG, p.128), and have a cold shower and a couple of brazil nuts on waking and before bed.  Let me know how you feel after a couple of days. I will be very interested to hear. I’m not kidding.

Cheat Day or Binge Day

Cheat Day AKA Binge Day (p.117 The 4-Hour Body)

  1. Binge on anything and everything in any quantity one day per week in order to activate the thyroid
  2. Ensure the first meal of the day is NOT a binge meal. Make it high in protein.
  3. Drink grapefruit juice before the first junk meal and have coffee with it.
  4. Use PAGG supplements
  5. Drink lime or lemon juice
  6. Exercise for 60 seconds a few minutes before eating and 90 minutes afterward – air squats, wall presses, chest pulls. Your therabands come in very handy here. Keep a set in your hand bag, car or office.

4-Hour Body Tips-

Keep a list of your cravings during the other days and consume on cheat days. This makes this easier to stick to the diet.

If you slip up during the week and eat something that you shouldn’t, use the above principles 2-6 for damage control.

Eat foods high nutrients on cheat day. This is the perfect day to eat that fresh fruit that you have been craving all week!

Abs and Ass Workouts

Abs and Ass Workouts (4-Hour Body)

Tim Ferriss Abs

Day 1 (Mon):

High-rep kettlebell – 75 rep minimum

Slow myotatic crunch – max weight x 10-15 slow reps

Day 2 (Wed):                  1. Isolateral dumbbell incline bench press

2. Bent-over rows with EZ bar (palms up)

(Alternate these to a total of 3 sets x 5 reps)

3. Reverse drag curls

Day 3 (Fri):                  High-rep kettlebell  – 75-rep minimum

Slow myotatic crunch – max weight x 10-15 slow reps

Single arm kettlebell swings – 25 rep minimum

Extended Ass (p.177) 10 reps using 13-RM weight x 2-4 sets

Workout A:

  1. Heavy dumbbell front squat to press
  2. One-arm, on-leg DB row
  3. Walking lunges with sprinter knee raise
  4. Wide-grip pushups
  5. Two-arm kettlebell swings x 20-25

Workout B:

  1. One-leg Romanian deadlift x 10-12 each side
  2. Chin-ups x 10
  3. One-leg hamstring curls on Swiss ball x 6-12 each leg
  4. Plank for abs x 30-90 secs front and each side
  5. Reverse hyper x 15-25

Six-Minute Abs (p. 183)

Body fat 12% or less

  1. Myotatic Crunch
  2. Cat Vomit exercise

Best Abs Exercises by EMG (p. 188)

  1. Bicycle crunch
  2. Captains chair
  3. Exercise bal
  4. Vertical leg crunch

Effortless Superhuman Torture Twist (p. 403)

Set yourself perpendicular on a bench. Hold feet under a pole, remaining parallel to the ground for each set. Start with 3 sets x 3 reps x 3 secs each side. Rest 30 sec between sets.

Supplements to Slow-Carb Diet

Supplements  to Slow-Carb Diet

PAGG (p. 128)

Policosanol 20-25mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 100-300mg

Green tea flavanols 325mg

Garlic extract 299mg


Prior to breakfast: AGG

Prior to lunch: AGG

Prior to dinner: AGG

Prior to bed: PAGG

Consider Also

Cissus Quadrangularis (p.121) 2.4g three times per day 30 mins prior to meals

To cultivate fat-reducing gut flora: kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, fermented fish, unsweetened plain yoghurt, probiotics, prebiotics (eg. Lactobacillus, bifidobacteria)